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"Stone Phoenix has found our home here at RexTrax. After recording at a much more expensive, industry-leading studio across town and only being semi-satisfied with the results, I called Paul Cobb on the recommendation of Jesse Busch of Sweetwater LIVE/Subtle Hammer Productions. Paul quickly arranged a time for me to come by the studio for a tour. I was immediately sold on the great setup and top-notch equipment, as well as Paul’s helpfulness. Booking time was a breeze, and the rates were unbeatable!


We began tracking a couple weeks later with Mat Abercrombie. Mat’s vast knowledge and experience as a recording engineer made setup a snap, and made the tracking process go very smoothly. We all felt very comfortable getting the best take possible. Not only does Mat’s recording experience make for a great final product, but his experience as a musician is great too- he makes suggestions that definitely improve the sound of your music. It’s always nice to have a fresh set of ears to give you helpful tips along the way, even if they are subtle. Mat definitely went the extra mile throughout the entire process – from tracking to mixing, and the recordings show it.


We finally feel like we have recordings that make us sound how we are supposed to sound. In fact, we are so pleased with the outcome, we are going to scrap the two tracks we did at the “big-name” studio across town and re-record them with Mat at RexTrax! So a huge thanks to Mat and Paul for all the hard work and extra effort, and for making this a great experience from beginning to end!"

-Reid Garner, Stone Phoenix



"The level of service from Mathew Abercrombie, recording engineer at RexTrax Studios, is fantastic. His work is excellent. Simply the best. Having been a client for a few years, I am consistently impressed by his professionalism and his ability to give me quality work that speaks volumes. In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone you can trust. RexTrax Studios' body of work is outstanding and I look forward to our future projects together."

-Sabbyth, recording artist


"RexTrax's facilities and staff are first class! Paul made reserving time a breeze, and Mat Abercrombie is a dedicated, talented, and hard working engineer! The studio is comfortable and conducive to doing great work, and RexTrax worked with us to make sure every note was exactly the way we wanted it to sound. Mat Abercrombie went above and beyond the call of duty for us, and we are very grateful! Thank you RexTrax!"

-Act Thirt33n, local Atlanta band

"We would like to extend a very special thanks to Paul Cobb and the staff at RexTrax Studios in Suwanee, GA for the long hours, dedication and all that was done above and beyond the call. You helped lay the foundation for this project and facilitated us in ways we can not begin to convey here. Thank you!"

-Kyle Brooks, executive producer N Parts of Harmony



"Absolutley love these guys and recommend this studio every chance I get! Exceptional price, High quality equipment/gear and amazingly gifted and skilled engineers!"

-Desiree Harris-Bonner, gospel recording artist




"RexTrax is a quality studio that appreciates the artist and gives you a great sounding mix and is priced right."

-Phil Dub, recording artist



"Mat, just wanted to let you know I’m really happy with how my record turned out on May 25. Sounds great! Had a great time working with you, too. See you next time."

-Rob Swistak, recording artist



"Dorothy said it best! There's no place like home! I had recorded in many studios before destiny led me to the best of the best. RexTrax Studios and the staff are the most professional, friendly, experienced, understanding, and hard working people on the planet. I refuse to record any other place because of the quailty of music, sound, and establishment. My album "Damaged Ink" was brougt to life by the power house engineer Sean Terrell and i couldn't be happier with my project. RexTrax is one of those places where you go in for one reason and leave with a million reasons to go back!"

-Demizes, recording artist


"I’ve been around RexTrax for over 6 years now. Paul and everyone there are purist in every sense of the word. They live and breathe music production. RexTrax constantly provides an amazingly fun and creative environment for lyricist and musicians alike. I think Atlanta would not have become what it is for local and up-and-coming artists without places like Rextrax. Thanks guys."

-Eric Pourcieu, artist/producer



"I’ve been recording at RexTrax for about 10 years and Paul and the guys have been extremely helpful in my music career!"

-Rick Harris, artist/producer


"Sean T., I appreciate every moment spent making music with you at RexTrax. Your love of music, your creative skills, and how you conduct business has been above my expectations. You're better than any other producer I've dealt with in my past (no exaggeration). The music you create is remarkable and awe-inspiring. I always look forward to our next session, because each time it gets better. Thank you much!!!"

-Ma' Kris (Kristy R. White) recording artist




"We have had nothing but great times at RexTrax as well as awesome production and direction with producer Paul Cobb. Not only is the studio state of the art, it has a very unigue comfort level and atmosphere."

-Sean"Freak" Wade, guitarist/songwriter Dying Breed, Fuse, Virgin Mary.


"I have been working with Sean at RexTrax for a while now and I cannot say enough about him and RexTrax Studio. When I first began working in the studio and with Sean, I was a little leery about beginning to work with a new studio. That feeling quickly dissolved. Sean made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Once we started working together and feeling the vibe of the music, it was kismet. I had even tried using an out of town studio online where you send your music and they try to expand based on what they hear. The correspondence is completely through computer. But I will tell you...there's nothing like having someone face to face with you feeling who you are and what you and your music are about. RexTrax is like sitting at home with a friend surrounded by tons of equipment and being able to just let the music that is in you flow. Sean tries to pull the music out of you and introduces you to new possibilities. I really appreciate everything that RexTrax is and does and I love working with Sean! He makes it fun, not uptight and stuffy. I always look forward to my "studio days".

-Della Rayne, recording artist


"We really enjoyed our experience recording our album at RexTrax Studios. We came out with a great product! We would like to thank Paul Cobb for his phenomenal insight and thorough professionalism. We will be booking more studio time in the weeks ahead for our second project."

-Neil Shannon, bassist F.L.I., Froglodge , Fury of Pearl


"I would highly recommend RexTrax Recording Studio to any band or artist looking for a professional recording with affordable rates and world class gear. You can’t go wrong. The friendly staff also makes you feel right at home!"

-Mike Hopkins, drummer HottBoxx, session drummer


"Why spend top dollar at a big name studio when you will get the exact same quality at less that half the price. The team at Rextrax Studios run a class act studio. Very professional, out going, and experienced."

-Dave Farrell, owner of Diamond Productions/recording artist/session voice


"Recording @ RexTrax 4 me is like putting one of the most state if the art studios right in ya living room, and calling Rick Rueben over to engineer the session for u."

-Sha King, recording artist/producer


"This is The Mighty WereWolf from FULLMOONMUSICK,

My experience with RexTrax studios dates back to 2002 in which I was recording with engineer Paul Cobb in his basement studio. Since then, I’ve recorded 3 complete Albums/CD's and additional work and tracks for mix tapes, radio promos etc. The recording, engineering, studio price, sessions and atmosphere is like no other. You get the utter most top recording and engineering services that’s comparable to anyone in the country for a great reasonable price. RexTrax Studio is the only studio to which the Wolf Pack Click will continue to record and to do work. RexTrax Studio is the only studio to where you can bring in a concept of hip hop, rap, rock, country, alternative, or whatever and get excellent recording services. For this I, The Mighty WereWolf on behalf of the entire Wolf Pack Click at FullMoonMusick headquartered in the holy city of ChiTown, thank sincerely RexTrax studios, Paul Cobb and the entire staff for providing such a great service to the industry and independent companies such as ours."

-The Mighty WereWolf,recording artist/producer/entrepreneur


"I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different engineers and record in many different studios. RexTrax continues to be my preferred studio for many reasons, but most importantly the laid back atmosphere and the staff’s ability to capture the sound that I’m looking for. Regardless of how big or small the project is I’m assured that the staff at RexTrax will give it the attention that I feel it needs. Keep pumpin that heat, preciate it Paul."

-B.Deezy aka Henny Whyte, recording artist


"RexTrax Recording Studio has qualified engineers who are professional, creative, and artist supportive. All of their staff are friendly and knowledgeable of all genre's of music. It’s state of the art recording technology in a peaceful environment. The best studio in Atlanta."


-Brian Kacy (National Recording Artist (Vision Change Music Group)




"I love the lab (RexTrax)... Sean has given me great quality work at reasonable prices. The producers are professional and on-time. Sean has an excellent ear for music and goes above and beyond to provide awesome services. Thanks for everything. You have a dedicated client right here."

-Dmellow (David L. Holland) recording artist


I just wanted to say thank you for having a studio and staff that is truly professional and comfortable to work in and with. Sean is amazing. We had good chemistry and I will be returning as soon as "the Benjamins" say so.
Thanks again! Constrained by the Gospel.

- Echo, recording artist

 copyright 2015 RexTrax Atlanta Recording Studios

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