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Control Room

This room represents the ideal listening environment necessary for an accurate mix. It's large enough to seat the band and producers for play back and is equipped with the some of the best gear around, including a comfortable couch. Our Solid State Logic XL-Desk mixing console is a warmer alternative to many of today's lifeless digital control sufaces and allows for analog summing. It also features SSL, API and Neve preamps. We offer mixing both in and out of the box.


The control room is situated between the guitar room and the live room but does not obstruct the view. Our new ProTools 10 HDX recording system can deliver up to 192khz recordings. Class A preamps by Neve, API, SSL, Vintech or Chameleon Labs insure a clean vocal take. Our industry standard Yamaha NS-10 reference monitors help create a CD quality mix. Event ASP8s matched with an Event 15" Sub Woofer reproduces enhanced stereo sound with boneshaking lows. We are also a U-verse wifi hotspot and have an excellent candy dish.

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