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Studio News

09-29-2017           I recently added a video page that showcases many of our client's work. Be sure to click the "videos"  link and give some independant music your support!



08--15-2016          We are incredibly excited to announce our latest aquisition. The SSL XL-Desk. This is a new, all analog recording/mixing console that accepts 500 modules so studios can customize them to suit their individual needs. We have chosen to outfit ours with some choice API and Neve preamps as well as the SSL 611 eqs and famous G series Bus Compressor! The resulft is nothing less than incredible. For more info on the console check out



01-06-2016            We are proud to anounce our recent acquisition of an SSL Alpha Channel. Maybe one day we will have one of their consoles but for now 1 channel is all we need.


11-28-2015            RexTrax Studios is now offering Gift Certificates just in time for the holiday season. Suprise the musician on your list this year with the gift of music. Available in any hourly increment at our $40/hr flat rate. Good for 1 year from purchase date.



10-16-2015            RexTrax Studios will be increasing our standard rate by $5.00/per hour at the end of 2015.  Other changes to our pricing structure are also possible. Stay tuned for further details.



2-17-2014              We purchased a hot new preamp last month. It's the Vintech X73i and it's modeled after the famous Neve 1073. I noticed right away it was gonna be a game changer. Also, we picked up an Avalon U5. These are renown for their crystal clear tones when recording bass.


1-1-2014                We now offer audio mastering for $50/song and $10 per alternate mix. I use our a combination of outboard gear and the lastest pluggins to get your songs as loud as commercial mixes.



11-05-2013            RexTrax client Steve Ryan's song  "Your Stare" is on the Grammy Ballot for Best Traditional R&B  Vocal catergory. Steve's CD "Intermission" was recorded and mixed right here by Mat Abercrombie and is available on iTunes.


10-09-2013                We recently recorded 4 national radio spots for Western Star Trucks.



9-01-2013                   We now offer audio mastering for only $50/song. Discounts available for full






8-30-2013              RexTrax Studios has a new website!




8-28-2013              RexTrax Studios welcomes Kim Gravel Miss Georgia 1991 to the studio to


do voice over for her upcoming reality TV show "Kim of Queens" to air on Lifetime Television.

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